Go-menu: Simple, interactive, command line menus

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There are several Go libraries for writing CLIs to accept parameters and optional arguments, but they generally build interfaces that immediately drop you back to the command line after execution. While this works well for most applications, sometimes it’s beneficial to create more interactive experiences. We started a small project called go-menu to fit this case… Read more »

Docker Image and Container Maintenance Cheat Sheet

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Managing images and containers in Docker can get messy. After a dozen or so `run` commands without specifying `–rm`, temporary containers can quickly build up and cause maintenance headaches. Broken builds can also accrue lots of images that are no longer used and just taking up space. While Docker’s management commands work very well, there… Read more »

Use Ext4 and OverlayFS instead of Btrfs on CoreOS

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If you’re an early adopter like us and have been on the CoreOS bandwagon for more than a few days, you’ve likely run into some Btrfs issues. These issues usually manifest as “no space left on device” errors that cause Docker to completely fail, usually at the most inconvenient time. While there are some workarounds… Read more »

RaspberryPi-powered Bluetooth Gate Opener

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Disclaimer: This will most likely void your Mighty Mule warranty! Read this write-up below in its entirety before proceeding. We are not liable for any harm you cause to yourself or property damaged as a result of attempting this. Electricity is extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury and death. Use the information below at your… Read more »