Docker Image and Container Maintenance Cheat Sheet

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Managing images and containers in Docker can get messy. After a dozen or so `run` commands without specifying `–rm`, temporary containers can quickly build up and cause maintenance headaches. Broken builds can also accrue lots of images that are no longer used and just taking up space. While Docker’s management commands work very well, there… Read more »

Basic Supervisor Logging with Docker

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Within the Docker community there tends to be two modes of thought with regard to running processes: run multiple supervised processes in a container or only run a single process per container. The former makes it easier to encapsulate applications that may need more than one service (think NGiNX + uWSGI + Memcached + Redis) while the latter… Read more »

Painless Jekyll on OS X

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Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby and designed to be a simple way to create a blog-like website. It’s what GitHub uses for Pages, which means you can also host your Jekyll-powered blog there for free. Static HTML pages load fast, there’s no database or programming involved (unless you add your own Javascript or… Read more »

Multiple Boot2docker Profiles On Mac OS X

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Boot2docker is a lightweight linux virtual machine for running Docker on OS X and Windows, providing non-Linux users with easy access to the world of Linux containers. The lightweight VM comes in the form of a downloadable ISO which is then used to create the virtual machine. This means you can have more than one boot2docker… Read more »