Launch CoreOS instances with iPXE and cloud-config

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While still in its infancy, CoreOS is getting a lot of attention lately as a fast and lightweight Linux distribution geared towards large-scale server deployments. It’s bundled with software like Docker, Fleet, and etcd to allow for quick cluster deployments and manageable app containers. One particular point that helps ease its adoption is that it supports iPXE booting… Read more »

Packaging for Deployment

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In a previous post we discussed how we manage some of our Turret.IO deployments using Jordan Sissel‘s excellent packaging software: FPM. This post is mainly a mini-tutorial on one of many ways to leverage FPM as part of your deployment process. Like many others, our stack consists of both software built in-house and 3rd party applications such as NGiNX, Redis, Cassandra,… Read more »

A Faster Turret.IO with Docker

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Connecting your web application’s server-side logic with a 3rd party service usually introduces some type of a performance penalty. Preventing such issues requires the creation of task queues, worker processes, or other methods that allow slower processes to do their work while maintaining a responsive interface for the user. Turret.IO supports an API for sending user… Read more »

Daemonize Your Go App

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One of the significant use-cases for Go is writing server applications that need to be running all the time. That means they need to be logging errors and restart automatically if they crash or the entire server restarts. There are several modern ways to do this (supervisord, Upstart, daemonize, etc) and we don’t use any of… Read more »

Cut your Python development time in half

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It’s no secret that we’re Python advocates and believe its cutthroat indentation rules are part of what makes it a great language. We use it to serve our web interface and API and the majority if our maintenance scripts are Python as well. Beginners will find it simple to read and understand. Most commands work… Read more »